M4 Ready Study Trip to Berlin, 20-23 March 2025!

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M4 Ready

for young people who want to plant, lead and multiply Christian communities and churches in Europe

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What is M4 Ready?

M4 Ready is a course for young leaders in local churches, denominations or organizations who already possess some leadership skills, like to initiate new things and bring change.

M4 Ready will help them find out:

If they have a passion and calling for church planting

If they could see themselves as a part of a church planting team

If they can see themselves as a leader in a local church or in other roles with a clear perspective of the importance of church planting

Six Modules

Church Planting: Understanding the Process of Planting a New Church

Personal Development: Self-Mastery and a Resilient Lifestyle

Evangelism: Presenting the Gospel and Understanding the Context

Communication: Preaching and Teaching Biblically and Relevantly

Team Development: Building a Healthy and Well-Functioning Team

Discipleship: Creating a Discipleship Culture

Four Elements

Online course

The course includes 6 modules of teaching and relevant assignments to be completed in local contexts. It is supplemented by the Participant’s workbook which helps participants to stay on track.

Mentoring relationship

Mentors support and encourage participants throughout the learning process and keep them accountable for their progress. Mentoring can happen one-on-one, in small groups or cohorts. Different nations choose the intensity of mentoring differently (for example, twice in each module, or once after each module).


Different national and regional gatherings throughout the course with time of worship, fellowship and committing to one another and the course. Typically 4-5 meetings will take place during the entire course to provide a space for mutual support and encouragement among the participants.

Study trip

This inspiring trip is a Pan-European trip where all M4 Ready participants from every nation of Europe gather for a time of worship and learning in a location where churches are being planted in various circumstances.

As a nation, region or denomination implements the course, they can decide how to customize these aspects of the course for their own context.

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M4 Ready Values

Our foundational value is:

Christ Centered and Bible Based

Essential values:

  • 1Missional Driven
  • Kingdom Mindset
  • Relationship Based
  • Consistent Improvement

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