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What Will You Gain from Your M4 Ready Experience?

M4 Ready is a course for you and your friends – young leaders in local churches, denominations or organizations who already possess some leadership skills, like to initiate new things and bring change.

M4 Ready will help you find out:

If you have a passion and calling for church planting

If you can see yourself as a part of a church planting team

If you can see yourself as a leader in a local church or in other roles with a clear perspective of the importance of church planting

What You Can Expect:

  • lSix modules with weekly tasks
  • Coaching and individual follow-up
  • Course booklet
  • Bi-monthly regional gatherings
  • National weekend gathering
  • Nationwide conference


You would need a mentor for the coaching and individual follow-up. We recommend getting one that you know or has connection to your church or organisation.

We encourage you to initiate this yourself already, as you would need to have this in place when we start.

What You Need To Do:

Register: The course costs £ 120 per participant. This needs to be paid for you to complete the registration. We recommend applying to your local church or organisation for partial or fully coverage of the fee.

Sign up: Once you have finalised your registration, you will get an enrolment code. You will use it to get access to the online learning platform.

Regions (or information about current/next cycle)

Here you can write a short text about how M4 Ready is set up in your nation. The row directly below is for use if you only do one cycle at the time, to have the most important news put up where people can find them easily. The boxes underneath are for use if you have multiple cycles going on at the same time, or have divided up your cycle into different regions. The row you are not using, we will disable for now (don’t delete it), so that it is accessible in the future.

National gatherings

Date @ time

  • Date 1 (Start-up)
  • Date 2
  • Date 3
  • Date 4
  • Date 5
  • Date 6


Here you can add the main gathering place for the gatherings.

M4 Ready Inspirational Weekend

Here you can write information about the weekend, or change heading and add more happenings.



Introduction (You can either add picture and introduction, or you can just add a list of names like below). If this module is not needed, then we can remove it.


Mr. Male
Ms. Female
Mrs. Female

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